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I've written two upmarket fiction books and am seeking representation. If you're interested, I'd love to hear from you. 

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When their husbands die in the same plane crash, two strangers unite on a search for the truth about their husbands - one that unexpectedly leads them straight back to themselves.


Flight Path is the story of two strangers whose lives collide when their husbands die in the same plane crash. 


Under normal circumstances, Eva Darling-Dumont and Harper Stowe would never be friends. Eva is a wife and mother wilting away in upper class suburbia, her therapist’s advice running on a loop in her head. Harper is an engineer about to prove herself in a man’s world with the launch of her own rollercoaster. But in the wake of the plane crash, inconsistencies about their husbands emerge and the women’s grief turns to suspicion. The two form an unlikely bond, their hunt for answers revealing startling truths, not just about their husbands but about themselves and, eventually, each other. 


Flight Path explores what it means to be a woman - in career, in motherhood, in sex, in friendship and inside oneself - and who gets to decide. It’s a story about trust – not just about the inherent risk of trusting others but the cost of not trusting yourself. 

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Short-listed for the 2022
Irish Writer's Centre
Novel Fair.

Praise for Flight Path

Praise for Flight Path

"I enjoyed and admired Flight Path very much, and would like to have read on – and on. The narrative is smooth and well executed. I note and appreciate the slickness of the text, and understand that slickness is the point of this story of ultimate deception that the author is relating; slickness of living and speaking and relating – and I appreciate this cunning twinning of style and substance."

Judge's critique,

Irish Writer's Centre Novel Fair 2022

"Wow!!! There were so many unexpected twists and turns. I loved it!!"

- Lena Michaud

"An absolutely TERRIFIC story with so many elements included that made me laugh, cry, have heart palpitations (the good kind), and a bit of sighing."

- Susan Witt

"I read Flight Path in a weekend. I LOVED it!!! You kept me guessing for so long. I literally didn’t want to put it down."

- Sarah Ward


There are two sides to every story. How do you know which one is true? 

Cover of novel The Silver Loop

Shortlisted for the 2021
Irish Writer's Centre's
Novel Fair 

Mother and daughter, Myra and Charlotte, are bound by a horrible secret – the truth about what happened when Charlotte’s little sister, Vivi, died at the edge of the driveway when she was three years old. 

After Vivi's death, photos disappear, doors are locked. There is no funeral, no burial. The family moves to a new town overnight, to a new life where Vivi never existed. This is the story about what led to that moment and the echoes of distortion and loss in the years between a mother and daughter each trying to protect each other from the truth. 

The Silver Loop is a dually narrated, non-linear story that captures the raw and imprecise nature of relationships by placing the reader in the space between two people where misunderstanding and misperception live. It is an intimate, immersive and evocative novel that examines the conflicts of motherhood, the nebulous nature of truth and how the stories we believe shape our lives, whether true or not. It is a powerful story of devotion, redemption and a mother’s love.

Praise for The Silver Loop

Praise for The Silver Loop

"The highest compliment I can pay this manuscript is that I wanted to read it to the end.  The Silver Loop’s principal characters Charlotte and Myra - who recount some of the same events from their different perspectives - are so well realized that they are completely distinct, so it is a technique that serves the writer well. The mother-daughter relationship is superbly developed and articulated, and utterly credible. In terms of commercial fiction, it ticks all the boxes – complex, intriguing characters, a pacey page-turning style, a recognizable and interesting world. It is, in my view, definitely publishable."​  

Judges critique,

Irish Writer's Centre Novel Fair 2021

"I really loved The Silver Loop. What a great story. I love the imagery and pacing. I absolutely love the switches in timeline and the difference the two perspectives made in the truth about Vivi’s death. The anxiety and struggles of being a mom – especially a working mom – were so well described and

felt like truth." 

- Rachael Emerson

"I can’t tell you what your book has meant to me. I felt like you were speaking directly to me and bringing things to light that I have been holding onto. The Silver Loop has touched every aspect of my life and you’ve beautifully told this story of a life that I’ve been scared to break from. Your book has ignited a transformation."

- Sapna Patel

"I absolutely loved The Silver Loop. It gave me all the feels. I laughed and literally cried. It so resonated with me as a mom, professional, sister and daughter. The emotion in it is so real, raw and wonderful." 

- Lindsay Robinson

"I just finished The Silver Loop and am wiping the tears from my eyes. I had so many emotions reading it. I was talking aloud to the characters and so angry with them at times, so filled with sorrow for them at other times. The way you move through time and between perspectives weaves threads of understanding that really makes for a very strong and compelling story. 


I appreciate the dichotomy of how a mother can love her family but still need space to breathe and that doesn’t make her a bad mother, just human. You have created something so beautiful and emotional and filled with wonderful tension. My heart is stretched in all sorts of ways."


     - Nicole Aronowitz 

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