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Fun Ways to Combat Negative Self-Talk

Do you ever get tired of the negative thoughts playing their greatest hits in your mind?


Ever feel like your inner critic is pummeling you?


Need help shaking free from societal messages?


There’s lot to unpack about these voices/beliefs/thoughts in our head. Lasting change comes by dismantling and rewriting these false, limiting narratives. It’s work worth doing.


But sometimes you just want something a little easier, a little lighter.


If that’s you, try these on for fun.


(WARNING: use of these may require your bad-ass boss self to step up and once she does, there may be no getting her to sit quietly in the back again.)

woman boxing


Creative Comebacks for Negative Self-Talk

  Mind liberation comes in all forms, including unapologetic irreverence.

Here's my list of fun ways to combat negative self-talk:


  • I’m not just amazing. I’m a one-of-a-kind razzle dazzle.


  • You haters are like a bunch of toddlers fighting over a stale cookie.


  • Let me get this straight – you want me to feel small so you can feel big? Yeah…NO.


  • You like my pants? Please. Those are just fabric. It’s this gorgeous, curved body of mine that make these jeans.


  • I didn’t realize we needed so many people policing women. Guess we’re even more powerful than I thought.

  • The sexiest thing about me is that I love myself.


  • Of course I’m imperfect. Last I checked, I’m still a human.

  • Your opinion of me says nothing about me and everything about you.

  • Contrary to popular belief, the size of my breasts tells you nothing about me.


  • I'm not "too emotional." I'm wise and sensitive and have mad intuitive skills that scare you.


  • It’s cute that you think I need your permission.


  • If all female leaders are bitches maybe we should just start calling ourselves that? Have t-shirts made up? That’s Madame Bitch to you.


  • My light is too bright? Grab your shades.

  • That reminds me. I don’t care what you think.


  • Yup. I’m in love with myself. Have you met me? I’m a legit treasure.


  • So I’m supposed to let social media tell me how I feel about myself? That’s dumb.


  • I’m starring in the shortest rom com of all time. I met myself, fell in love and lived happily ever after.

  • Complain to someone who cares. I’m fresh out of fucks to give.


  • I’m not here to make you happy. You’re far too needy and exhausting.

tired woman


  • Carry your own damn shame.


  • Sure, I’m into people pleasing. If by people, you mean myself.

  • Stop talking about my body like it’s a piece of meat. Firstly, I’m a vegetarian. Secondly, I’m more like expensive caviar and I’m not sharing.

caviar on crackers


  • Sorry. I have a firm rule about not arguing with children.


  • Sometimes I just can’t get over how talented I am.


  • So you want me to stop doing what makes me happy and start doing what makes you happy? #stupidestideaever


  • I see you’re on a guilt trip. Enjoy the journey. I got off that bus.


  • You say witch like it’s a bad thing.

a woman who could be a witch in a red cloak carrying a candle


  • I care more about my reproductive rights than I do about your erection.


  • My one-step beauty routine: be me.


  • News flash: your opinion doesn’t matter to me anymore.


  • I don’t need to convince you of my worth. I try really hard not to waste my time.


  • You say slut, I hear goddess.


  • My new year’s resolution was not to waste my time. So buh-bye.


  • I’m not into sports so excuse me from jumping through hoops for your approval.

  • Eviction notice: you're no longer allowed to live in my head.

  • My body is not here for your pleasure. It’s here for mine.


  • You don’t like me? Oh no. How will I ever survive without you - this person I don’t like and barely know?

Talking Back is Power

You're a force. Get angry. Stand up. Own your truth. Call bullshit.

No one gets to decide for you. No one is allowed co-op your thoughts.

And most of all, have fun reclaiming your birthright: you power.

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